DB Editor 

DB Editor in WP

When developing WordPress websites we like to use the Formidable Pro plugin for creating forms. Its quite handy but we’ve had it stop working on two sites. We get a:

We’re sorry. It looks like you’ve already submitted that

Error message every time a form is submitted. There’s a fix but it took a while to figure out. It seems to happen when you have the free version of Formidable installed on your website with forms built and you try to install Formidable Pro.

Here is the solution that has worked for us two times now. Beware this solution deletes all existing Forms. You can export the old forms and try to import them back in but we haven’t had a lot of success with this.

  1. Formidable – Global Settings
    1. Uninstall Formidable
  2. Plugins – Formidable
    1. Deactivate
    2. Delete
  3. Using your database Editor navigate to your website
    1. Drop Tables
      1. wp_frm_fields
      2. wp_frm_forms
      3. wp_frm_items_metas
      4. wp_frm_items
  4. Plugins – New
  5. Upload Formidable
  6. Activate Formidable
  7. Enter Pro License
  8. Update Database option appears, click it

You should now be able to create and use forms normally.

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