Boost the Speed of your WordPress Site

WordPress Speed

Is your site’s WordPress speed up to par?

Don’t worry. Here at Acumen, we’ve developed a list of tips that will help you keep your site’s speed at a top-notch performance level.

Keep Your Plugins Updated

While ensuring your WordPress plugins are up to date keeps your site secure, it also increases your website speed. To make sure that your site is performing at optimal speed, install those updates as soon as they become available.

Choose a Reliable Host

Choosing a good website host is essential to keeping your website speed at a fast, user-friendly pace. That’s why it’s important to do some research on various hosting companies and their options, such as website speed and uptime.

As a small to medium-sized business owner, it may be your first impulse to choose shared hosting for your server because of its low cost.

But lower cost is going to give your site a slower speed.

You see, when many other businesses choose a lower cost option, all their websites rely simultaneously on the same server bandwidth.

So what’s a business owner to do?

At Acumen, we’ve got the answer.

For small to mid-sized businesses, we suggest hosting on a virtual private server, or VPS. A VPS functionally acts as a dedicated server at an affordable rate. And we offer great VPS packages through CSX1, our cloud hosting service company.

At CSX1, we provide high performance virtual server hosting at a competitive price. Built on Microsoft HyperV and VMware platforms, we customize hosting solutions to meet your needs. For more information, head to CSX1 cloud services.

With a CSX1 VPS, You’ll get…

Reduced Server Equipment Costs

Dedicated Technical Staff

Secure Data Center Infrastructure

Keep Your WordPress Site Clean & Lean

Here’s some tips on how to create a clean and lean WordPress site:

  • Theme: A more versatile and aesthetically appealing theme can slow down the speed of your site. When a theme implements a ton of features, it takes longer for your site to load, which can result in the user getting frustrated and exiting the page after a few seconds. To avoid choosing a slow-to-load theme, test the theme demo, and if it takes longer than a few seconds, choose a theme with less features.
  • Design: Choose a simple design and think carefully about which ads, images and extras you’re going to implement.
  • Plugins: Some plugins run slower than others, so it’s important not to go on a plugin installation spree. The fewer plugins you have, the faster your site will be, so choose your plugins wisely.
  • Images: Large images can also slow down your site. Try to keep your image size between 600-800 pixels wide.

Essential Plugins Only

In order to keep your site running at an optimal speed, only install plugins that are essential to your site. Cache plugins, such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, provide more speed by caching every aspect of your site and reducing its download times.

Create Redirects with Caution

Having a lot of redirects slows down your site so try to use them as little as possible. And to ensure you aren’t using any unnecessary links, use  the redirect mapper tool. It will locate redirects that you don’t need.

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