Social Media Networking and Business Media Networking are marketing avenues that are both over-rated and under-utilized. Let us help you take advantage of Social Media Networking without over-investing your efforts.

Make Social Media work or don’t use it all

Social Media Services


Facebook is a social media networking site with perhaps a billion potential customers. It is possible to create applications for people to play, although more commonly a button on your site can be “liked” by visitors. This liking hopefully catches the attention of friends of the person liking your company or product and drives business to your door.

Applications can draw in users


Twitter is a way for people to quickly and easily tweet what they are thinking about at that moment. It comes with the ability to point out the object of the post with hashtags. Like Facebook, the idea is that when people tweet about your business or products, the people that follow them see the tweet and become customers.

A double-edged sword. Use it wisely.


LinkedIn is a business networking tool designed to make connections with other businesses and potential employees. You can strengthen business relationships and attract great employees using this tool.

Business Networking has many valuable uses, we’ll show you


It is becoming much more common to create short videos of your various products and your company as whole to be freely distributed to the large audience on YouTube. These entertaining videos hopefully make people aware of your business and your products and drive them to your site.

Show them!


Pinterest is a relative newcomer in the social media marketing world and allows people to posts particular products or services that they find interesting. Other members of Pinterest then see these items and hopefully click on them. This in turn drives potential customers to your busi

If you have Products you want people Pinteresting them


Social Media Marketing is in its infancy and there will be new sites appearing all the time and it is important to determine which of these has value to your business and which does not. Each represents potential customers but also requires an outlay in time and effort.

It’s an ever-changing landscape. Let us help

Social Media Marketing

One of the big buzz phrases of modern marketing is Social Media Marketing. The idea is that there are a huge number of potential customers using tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, and other social media tools and you can connect with this massive group to drive your business model. It’s certainly true that social media marketing promises a customer base of almost limitless proportions but there are many pitfalls in this emerging social marketing world and we can help you navigate the dangers.

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of the various social media marketing outlets but each requires a certain amount of effort, time, and money. It is important to make a decision on which social media marketing tools best server your business model and how many potential customers each can drive toward you. For some businesses it will make sense to create videos and place them on YouTube. For other companies the best strategy might be to create LinkedIn advertising campaigns for Facebook for Business applications. Our team can sit down with you and make those sorts of determinations.

Social Media Marketing isn’t very every business. Let us help you decide if it’s right for you

Each social media outlet has its own advantages and disadvantages. We see many companies making a monthly outlay for marketing efforts in regards to social media and seeing little or no return on this investment. It’s not uncommon to hire someone to make posts on your personal Facebook page in relation to a product Page. Another common strategy is to tweet repeatedly from your Twitter business account. One of the problems with these strategies is that people have so many “friends” that they rarely see such posts. It’s important to make sure your tweets and posts are business relevant and contain appropriate keyphrases. We can help with this aspect of social media marketing.