SharePoint is a massive piece of software with many elements. It’s not easy for your IT team to manage the tool while doing all their other work as well. Our SharePoint Services team can help install, setup, and manage your SharePoint. We can do as much or as little as your team needs. We can simply be on call in case something goes wrong or administer and host the entire site. Let us help you.

When it comes to collaboration within our company and externally to our business partners there is nothing better than SharePoint. It’s a fantastic website design tool that our team-members use to work with one another and accomplish their goals.

SharePoint Services Services

SharePoint Server

The first thing that has to happen is installing a SharePoint Server so that you can create your SharePoint Site Collection and get to work. There are many switches and each comes with additional functionality. It’s easy to leave something turned off and waste hours trying to figure out what tools aren’t working. We’re experienced with the SharePoint server and its many nuances.

There are a lot of features. Make sure your using the right ones.

SharePoint Central Administration

Once the SharePoint server is up you need to create your first site collection. It’s not a particularly difficult process but comes with lots of options. Once the site is created you’ll want to set up backups and other features through the SharePoint Central Administration tool. Our technicians work with this tool daily and can help make sure your settings are ideal.

Make sure you SharePoint is setup to specifications.

SharePoint Designers

The SharePoint Designer is essentially a website building tool. For the most part you’ll want to create your SharePoint site through the GUI but there are occasions when this will not give you the flexibility you need. The SharePoint designer extends this capability making it a full-fledged website design toolkit capable of doing anything you can do on the web.

Your site tweaked to your needs

InfoPath Forms

Forms are big part of how SharePoint can help your team communicate with one another. SharePoint Service’s built in form builder is InfoPath and is integrated seamlessly with SharePoint. It’s easy to create useful forms and post them on your SharePoint site for use by your employees.

Employees fill out forms on the web, quick, easy, done!


Many of your important documents need to go through a workflow process and SharePoint Services workflow tool provides an integrated and easy way to make this happen. For simple approval and three-step- workflows the built in SharePoint workflows are ideal although you can create more complex workflows using SharePoint Designer.

Workflows improve efficiency and productivity. Let us show you how.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Internal communication between your employees individually and in teams is a vital part of doing business in today’s modern working world and Microsoft SharePoint is the number one tool for making this happen. Our SharePoint design team can help you create your SharePoint site in a way that is optimized for your employees. A SharePoint site is much like any other website and careful consideration must be taken to design it properly and avoid wasting time, effort, and money.

SharePoint Services can involve a large number of related aspects and it’s important to take all of these into consideration when building your SharePoint site. Don’t worry too much though, because like any website it’s possible to adapt things to the changes that naturally occur over time. Your SharePoint website is the portal where your various team members communicate with one another on projects and share information. This empowerment of employees is at the heart of the modern business model. You must leverage the knowledge of all your employees in order to maximize potential for the growth, profit, and health of your company.

SharePoint is a powerful tool and if used properly has a huge impact on employee productivity

We use SharePoint extensively here at our offices in St. Louis, MO and have first-hand knowledge of how it helps our employees keep up-to-date with various projects and tasks taking place during a typical working day. If we didn’t have this communication tool then our workers would not be able to assess each situation as quickly and accurately as they do; this in turn would have a detrimental effect on our ability to service our clients. We think SharePoint can provide the exact same kind of help to your company. If you’re not using SharePoint or you are using it but think you can get more out of the tool; contact us and we’ll help you find the best way forward.