More than 50% of web users are browsing the internet on their phone or tablet. This presents a challenge to website designers who must build websites that work perfectly on both desktop and mobile browsers on phones and tablets.

We build websitese that look and work great on any platform.

I had no idea how many visitors were coming in on their phones.

Responsive Websites Services

 Image Adjustment

The images in your site must adjust their size according to device type. Smaller screens need smaller images. With our responsive themes it’s a snap.

Pictures look horrible on sites without a Responsive Theme.

Sidebar Control

Sidebars look great on a full screen but if you don’t create a good responsive structure they can move to the wrong part of the page. This in turn pushes down vital content and your message is lost. It’s not easy to make a responsive theme that works. It requires attention to detail. We will make certain your site is not only responsive, but looks great too.

Your page is a mess with unResponsive sidebars

Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers present special problems for Responsive themes and if they aren’t handled properly can ruin the look of your site when viewed on a phone or tablet. We’re the experts. When it comes to Responsive we’ll make sure your site looks great.

Make sure headers are at the top and footers at the bottom

Text Adjustments

The main content pane of your site has all the text. As this narrows down while being viewed on a phone it can become unreadable. We’ll help make sure your content looks great full screen and on a phone.

Your site must be legible on all devices

Responsive Web Themes Made Easy

If your website isn’t responsive it isn’t ready for the modern user. Like it or not, people are using their phones and tablets to visit websites in ever increasing numbers. If you ignore this trend you lose potential customers.


If you don’t think you need a Responsive Website then take a look at your website with a phone. After you get over the shock, call us. Right now.

I thought you had to make two websites, one for phones and one for computers, but it’s just one website, it’s … it’s responsive!

We absolutely love WordPress and they have an incredible Responsive theme that we can customize to your needs. Branding – check. Color scheme – check. Look and feel – check. Navigation – check. We won’t compromise on look and feel just to make your site responsive. We’ll give you everything you want AND responsive.
It doesn’t matter how your current website is constructed or with what tool. Hand coded? Joomla? WordPress? DNN? We can add a responsive theme and make it work.