What is Internet Marketing?

Online Marketing is not a single thing, nor is it easy to understand. When we say internet marketing, we are talking about combinations of Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Social Networking, Business Networking, and Pay per Click technology, sometimes called Online Marketing. Relying too heavily on any of these services alone will not yield outstanding results.  It is important to use a combination of them with careful consideration of product knowledge. In the online marketing industry, it’s very easy to spend big money, but have little to show for your investment. A common pitfall is to blindly trust a monthly service. We feel that a combination of marketing expertise combined with your product knowledge makes all the difference. Experience and product knowledge make the difference.

Online Marketing Services

SEO Consulting

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a series of practices designed to ensure that your pages appear near the top of search engine provider results.
There are not easy answers with SEO. It takes an ongoing effort backed by a solid plan of attack. Let us help you get your pages noticed.
If you aren’t working on your SEO, it’s not working.

SEM Consulting

Paid internet marketing can reach astronomical budgets. Careful management and review can give you the best results to your online marketing plans. We believe in return on investment – money well spent to improve your business.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads

Pay per Click Management: No matter how diligent you are when it comes to applying your web marketing strategy, there is one certain way to make sure your business is seen by consumers: Pay per Click marketing. The bottom line, it works! However, it’s easy to spend money on campaigns that are not driving the audience you want to your site. We can help ensure that every click is a potential client. We can help you manage your Google Adwords and Bing Ads accounts and get you the online Marketing return you expect.

Working toward goals

We help businesses reach their goals using proven, industry-standard tools like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, WordPress, Magento, and Bing Ads. When it comes to Online Marketing it is best to use prioritize your goals and use every available tool.  We can show you how to use these tools so your marketing efforts produce measurable results.

Our Internet Marketing Service

You know your business, we know Online Marketing. We’ll teach you the techniques that work and help you understand the theories and the best practices. We’ll walk you through it step-by-step. When you’re comfortable doing it yourself there are no ongoing fees. Sure, you’ll want to come back now and again and see what changes occurred in the industry and learn new techniques. We’re here when you need us; no more, no less.

We’re always here for you.  Our clients spends a few hours each month learning each technique.  Eventually they can take care of their web marketing themselves and come to us for coaching and guidance. We can run reports regularly to show you how your efforts are proceeding although that is usually unnecessary after a short while. New business speaks for itself.

Our Online Marketing strategy is results oriented. If we help you grow your business you’ll come back to us. We’re not in this to collect a monthly fee forever. We’re in this because we think we can help you make more money.