Call us today, and we can simply explain the process of creating a Facebook for Business Application to help you get an idea of the landscape. Once you have an idea of what you want we will help shape and develop your Facebook for Business application and update it each year to make sure it is current and continues to engage and draw in customers.

Facebook Applications present many unique challenges. I wouldn’t say it’s always been fun building them but it’s always been rewarding when we got to the finished product.Facebook for Business as a social and business networking tool cannot be ignored in the 21st Century.

Facebook Applications Services

Case Study: Stache Act

Our great partner, Elasticity, has brought us a number of Facebook for Business projects and the ‘Stache Act for H&R Block. The idea of the President’s Day Facebook for Business application was to allow users to take use their own headshot and put a presidential moustache on it. It combined many of the elements necessary for Facebook Application Development success in that the user was personally engaged and required to play the game. This sort of engagement draws in customers and is a key element in the entire Facebook for Business scheme. It wasn’t easy but with our partners we managed to get this Facebook Application online and thousands of potential customers have ‘Stached themselves!

Fun and friendly.


Our estimating team will work with your vision and come up with a competitive bid to complete your Facebook for Business project. Facebook Application Development is different than standard website development, and our experience creating various projects gives us the ability to correctly estimate the costs of your project. Bad estimates often result in sub-par or incomplete projects, and we have the experience with Facebook for Business Facebook Applications to come up with a fair price and the know-how to make a great finished product.

Our experience means you’ll get a fair price


It’s not uncommon for a Facebook for Business Facebook Application to quickly become dated as the environment of social media and Facebook itself is subject to rapid changes. We often find that each year, the previous Facebook for Business Facebook Application is somewhat tired and requires a revamp. We’re happy to update your Facebook Application at a greatly reduced rate from the original. Let us help you keep your Fabebook Application fresh and up-to-date!

A fresh look for a new year

Facebook for Business

Facebook marketing is an important tool in the modern times of business marketing in a social networking world. When you create a Facebook application, you begin your Facebook marketing plan toward an audience of hundreds of millions potential customers. Our Facebook Application Development team, based in St. Louis, can help you create a Facebook Application that engages your audience and brings them to your site. Facebook Application Development offers unique challenges to any software development company because of the unusual programming techniques required to make a functioning application.

Our Facebook Application Development team has completed a number of projects for our Facebook marketing clients, and they understand the changing environmental challenges that these applications encounter. Developing a Facebook Application does not cater to the same skill set as development for traditional web applications. We want to work with you to create a Facebook for Business Application that engages your audience and increases your Facebook marketing presence. Your vision and the realities of Facebook Application Development must be reconciled with one another to end up with a final product that achieves your stated goals.

Let us help you decide if a Facebook Application is right for your business. If you do decide to create a Facebook Application then we can get to work building it for you

Our team is available to help you start developing your Facebook for Business Application. The need to create Facebook Applications is growing, and we foresee a time when all of your competitors will use Facebook marketing to engage their customers and try to lure yours away. In this environment, it’s important to understand the development environment and start thinking about how you can enter into the Facebook for Business world. It’s not important to know exactly what you are going to do right away because the Facebook Application Development environment is not traditional web development.