A new WordPress website pops up every second because it is the most popular CMS Website Design tool available. One of the reasons so many people developing a WordPress Website is because of the plethora of Site Themes, Templates, and Plugins available. This huge variety of WordPress Themes along with their templates and plugins gives website designers tremendous flexibility in creating your website. Our St. Louis, MO based developers use WordPress for our own website and we love our WordPress theme. It makes creating a website simple; when you ask us to build your WordPress website translates into saving money while still getting a quality website.

Our WordPress website looks great, was developed at a reasonable cost, and is easy for our employees to update. What more is there?

WordPress Website Services

WordPress Websites

A WordPress website is a catch-all term indicating a website built on the WordPress CMS. A WordPress website can be very simple or quite complex depending on the needs of your business. We can create a fully functioning website for as little as $1,300. Our team is adept with creating both a straight-forward WordPress website with few bells and whistles and a far more complex WordPress website that has lots of active content and draw customers to them.

I had no idea. Really. It’s simply awesome

WordPress Themes

The first decision you must make for your new WordPress website is what WordPress theme you want to use. The good news is that there are thousands of WordPress themes out there and more being created every day. This variety means that once you decide on a WordPress theme we can implement it without a huge amount of development time being spent on various elements. We supply purchase the theme and then modify it to suit your needs. This is a huge savings in both time and money.

Design is a breeze with a theme

WordPress Templates

After the WordPress Theme is decided upon then it is a matter of choosing your WordPress Template pages. Each theme comes with a number of WordPress template pages and we can create others easily. The idea is that each page has elements like sliders, images, text, and other content positioned in the same way from page to page. This gives your site a consistent look and feel and is important because your customers must be able to get from place to place easily and intuitively. An intuitive WordPress website translates into a better experience for your customer or potential customer. This is a good thing!

Pages easy to edit and create. That’s templates

WordPress Plugins

Every industry has particular needs and creating complex web parts or WordPress plugins can be a hugely time-consuming and expensive process. Luckily WordPress Plugins are everywhere. It’s far easier to purchase fully functioning WordPress plugins than it is to develop such website content from scratch. There are so many different WordPress plugins that it’s quiet easy to drop one into your website and with only a little tweaking make it do exactly what you want. This again saves time and money.

Plugins for everything! And we mean Everything!

How to Use WordPress

One of the biggest advantages of a WordPress website is the ability for your employees to easily update the pages and posts on the site. While this is a relatively simple process it can be intimidating for employees unused to website development. We offer How to use WordPress training classes for your employees. We can’t recommend this How to Use WordPress class enough. We’ve found that once a core group of employees see how easy it is to update and maintain your site they will not only do the job but do it eagerly. It’s fun to see something on the website that isn’t quite right and have the power to immediately jump in and fix it. The more empowered your employees are, the better your WordPress website will be.

Our staff not only builds the site but teaches you how to use it

SEO Marketing

A great WordPress website that’s easy to navigate and filled with cool WordPress Plugins is great but you still need to attract potential customers to that website. This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We have a team dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends in SEO marketing. They can help you optimize your content for SEO marketing. It’s not easy and there are many pitfalls to SEO marketing. We provide a variety of SEO Services to our clients. See our SEO Marketing Page for more information on this vital service.

To the Top! Of searches that is.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Not all of our WordPress website clients had us build the original website. We are happy to help maintain an existing WordPress website and WordPress Plugins. If, for whatever reason, you have decided to make a change or are thinking about making a change; just give us a call and we can discuss all your options.

Even if we didn’t build your site, we can fix it

WordPress Website Concepts

The idea behind any website is to make an attractive, easy to navigate, and relevant website for your customers and potential customers. A WordPress website makes all that possible. There are numerous WordPress Themes with more being developed all the time. Each of these WordPress Themes is a collection of WordPress templates and WordPress plugins. The WordPress website theme is made up of WordPress page templates each with their own look and feel. They have common elements, colors schemes, font themes, and other pre-built elements that allow WordPress site designers to create a uniform looking website quickly and easily. WordPress plugins extend the tool and come with a huge variety of functionality. WordPress plugins are designed to do something and there are many industry specific WordPress plugins already created that will drop right into your website for a small fee.

I still can’t get over how easy it is to update our site without having any web development skills. It’s a game changer.

In addition to all these WordPress website theme elements one of the main advantages to a WordPress website is the ability of your employees to edit and create content without the need to call us, the website developer. WordPress started as a blogging tool and, at its heart, retains that feature. What that means for you is your employees can easily edit pages and posts, create new pages and posts, and generally keep your WordPress website up-to-date with your current business model. This is a huge factor in choosing WordPress. It is all too easy to keep a website the same year after year as your business grows because updating it is too difficult. A WordPress website doesn’t have this issue. You’ll still need an active and aggressive team to keep on top of the website but updating the site is fun! They’ll likely be motivated highly motivated to make the changes.