Each Legacy application requires a different skill-set in order to maintain it, but this is a particularly difficult situation. Oftentimes, the person responsible for a particular application is no longer with the company, and even official support runs out. Our technicians are familiar with a wide variety of applications and can focus their trained expertise on the situation. With that in mind, it’s a difficult problem to completely overcome because there often isn’t anyone with the technical knowledge to support the legacy product. We’ll help decide if updating your software is a financially feasible alternative or if continuing to make do with what you have is the best solution.

Our older applications largely still work, they just aren’t supported anymore. It’s a real problem.

Legacy Systems Services


Our technicians have worked with a wide variety of software applications over the years and can provide legacy support for them. There are an infinite number of tools so contact us to see if we can help you.

We’ll keep it running on band-aids and chewing gum


Our professional coders are capable of extending the life of your legacy software for a few more years if it’s not feasible to perform an application migration or data migration. Even an extension of a few months can help your company bridge the gap between IT modernization jobs.

Sometimes, a little code goes a long way


Eventually, the time comes to perform an entire IT modernization on a legacy system. This process can help make sure your new application is fully compatible. This sort of endeavor can be both costly and time consuming, but we’re here to help you limit that cost.

When the time comes to move on, we’ll help

Legacy Application Services

It’s nice to think that we’ll always have the latest software and hardware that best does the job but the reality is that we often have older programs and hardware that largely still work but need support. Our IT modernization team can help keep those old pieces of software working even when official IT support runs out. We can help with data migration and application migration as you continue to update your legacy systems with current business needs without purchasing new software and hardware.

If you need Legacy Applications replaced or held together, we can help

Eventually you will want to move the information from your legacy systems with IT modernization, data migration, and application migration and we can help with these issues as well. This sort of IT modernization is usually not easy and as system architecture changes so does the complexity of such IT modernization become increasingly complex. Our technicians a capable of keeping your aging legacy systems still working and helping with data migration, application migration, and general IT modernization needs.