Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services or SSAS is an online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and reporting tool in Microsoft SQL Server. We use Server Analysis to analyze and make sense of information spread out across multiple databases or in disparate tables. There are a number of services in SQL Server related to business intelligence and data warehousing including Integration Services and Analysis Services. Analysis Services includes a group of OLAP and data mining capabilities.

All the flavors of MOLAP, ROLAP and HOLAP to be used within the same model

SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Service Services

Partition Storage Modes

MOLAP, ROLAP, and HOLAP modes allow for storage of data in flexible ways.

No special processing

Dimension Storage Modes


Processed or unprocessed, either way is ok


Microsoft Analysis Services supports different sets of APIs and object models for different operations and in different programming environments.

Wide variety of data


XML for analysis, OLE DB for OLAP, ADOMD, ADOMD.NET, and ADO.NET,

From high to low levels

Administration and Management


Suitable for Windows and CLR platforms

Query Languages

Data definition language (DDL) and Data manipulation language (DML),

Many options, many ways to get the data

SSAS Platform

With the SQL Server Analysis Services platform we can build high performance analytical models both multidimensional and tabular that can be used for interactive data analysis, reporting, and visualization.

Comprehensive modeling

SQL Server provides a comprehensive analytical and modeling experience to support rapid solution prototyping and support for the largest enterprise-grade solutions.