Sitefinity CMS


Sitefinity is a Content Management System designed to work with business for business. Its built in eCommerce solution allows you to start selling your product almost immediately. It’s designed with the ability to send targeted emails to your audience and bring them to the site.

With excellent social networking and business networking plugins easily installed it’s just a matter of a few clicks and you’re ready to go. Whether it be informative posts, blogs, images, or videos, Sitefinity has the solution you need.

Podcasting? No problem with Sitefinity.

Sitefinity CMS Services

Sitefinity has plugins that instantly allow you to start selling product. It is as simple as drag-and-drop when it comes to getting your products up and available.

You want your products to have a unique look and attract purchases. It’s so simple with Sitefinity that you won’t need any help.

Customizable templates for your products. Easy.

Marketo is a leading web-based marketing tool and it’s completely integrated with Sitefinity. Track your forms with easy. Target your audience with a click.

Information gathering is an ever more important part of you website. It’s easy with Sitefinity.

Simple forms. Easy to make, easy to use, easy to track.

SharePoint is being used more and more in the business world as a tool to allow your employees to share ideas and data. It’s easy to connect Sitefinity to Sharepoint.

For a company intranet the ability to work with SharePoint is invaluable.

If you want Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media sharing tools its just a plugin away with Sitefinity.

In today’s business world it’s important to leverage social medial to your advantage.

Add the plugin and go.

It’s common for a company to spend a lot of time and effort on the business website but an intranet site can be extremely important as well and that’s where Sitefinity shines. It’s designed to help you create your intranet with ease and allows your employees to add and edit content so everything is up-to-date.

Don’t let your company intranet be a static environment that doesn’t provide useful information. Let us help get your employees active and excited about the company.

An empowered employee is a productive employee.

Sitefinity is ASP.NET

One of the best things about Sitefinity is that it is designed to work with many of the business applications you already use. This makes many of the tools seamless in their integration and that means your website does what you want it to do, easily.

The Sitefinity CMS is perfect for company intranet sites. With content types for anything you need. You can distribute company knowledge easily and seamlessly through the browser.

Forms? The very best with direct link to Marketo.

With Sitefinity Social Hub you can create a place where your employees meet and exchange ideas all in the browser. Empowering your employees is good for business. It doesn’t matter where a great idea comes from, it matters that people hear about it.

If you have a lot of documents on your Sitefinity intranet you don’t need to upload new ones each time. Edit them live and save them just like on the file server. Simple, easy, useful.

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