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The key to search engine marketing success is to take an active role in your search engine marketing. We’ll give you advice, explain concepts, keep track of your progress, and even help write page copy; but in the end it’s your business and your understanding of relevancy is the absolute key to search engine optimization success. Let us be your search engine optimization consulting company.

It’s easy to spend money with a SEO services company. It’s not so easy to get results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Our very first search engine marketing client was also a Web Development client. We built their new website but they lost all their Google-Juice in the transfer. Working with the site owner we helped return them to near the top of the brutally competitive Chicago Real Estate search market.

A proactive attack yields astonishing results

We charge $135 an hour for our Services. We start with a two-hour site evaluation followed by a one-hour conference call to discuss our findings and give preliminary results. Only if you find the results encouraging will we then proceed with an in-depth analysis with a long-range plan.

You pay us when we work, not endless monthly fees

Once we've worked together to create a search engine marketing plan we will continue to monitor and offer suggestions on your time schedule. If you want to talk once a week for an hour, have quarterly meetings, or do it all yourself, it is your decision. Our standard rate applies.

Reporting, reporting, reporting

Once the search engine marketing stage one is complete we help transition you into taking those new site-visitors and making them customers. Just getting people to your site is only the first step in the process. If you stop there you really haven’t accomplished anything at all.

Websites that work on all fronts

We offer training sessions for your employees on the best search engine marketing strategies. This way they can help maintain your site.

You know your business, we'll show you SEO

Search Engine Marketing Plan

If you are finding the modern age of search engine marketing, search engine marketing services, and general practices to be a little confusing then you are not alone. This wide-spread confusion has spawned an entire industry of consulting companies promising search engine marketing and service success.

At Acumen we will help you navigate this expensive world and get your Websites optimized at a fair price.

Search engine advertising companies are filled with shady practitioners who will promise you the world for a fee. We can’t stress strongly enough that there are no easy or permanent solutions to getting search engine marketing optimized. Those who promise a quick solution are not being honest.

If you go with a shady services there is a chance for devastating repercussions from a blacklisting. Please let us help you tread these dangerous and confusing times of search engine Marketing. Let us be your consulting solution. No hidden costs. No monthly fees that go on forever.

Acumen’s three hour “quick analysis” was more helpful than all our other efforts in the past combined.

Getting your page to the top of Bing and Google is a job called search engine marketing provided by a company specializing in search engine services. It is a difficult and ever changing challenge for companies in the modern era of Google and Bing get their pages near the top of keyphrase searches. Both of the major search providers use secret algorithms to determine which pages rise to the top. It’s impossible to guarantee top results but there are solid practices that will help your page rise above competitors.

We state up front that there are no simple search engine marketing solutions. With any provider it is a matter of staying on top of the search game with constant vigilance. Any plan requires teamwork between the search engine services company and the site owners. Our team will help you get near the top of the search results of Bing and Google but that’s not the complete story. After our team helps you optimize your pages for search engine marketing purposes then we continue to work with you to engage the customers and ultimately get them to purchase your product or service.

Our Team

Tom is our lead search engine Marketing guru and the head of our team. He will analyze your site and come up with both short-term and long-term solutions to your search engine marketing requirements. Using our tools Tom can pinpoint common mistakes quickly and easily.

Don't pay someone for SEO if they aren't giving you results
Our company owner is an search engine optimization fanatic and not only understands how the Services work but how they apply to a business from a CEO perspective. He doesn’t take the short-term view when it comes to search engine services and wants to establish a partnership where your company and ours benefit. Having the owner of the company dedicated and hands-on gives us the ability to view your search engine marketing needs from a top-down perspectiv

We're your partner in SEO
Dave is our resident Web Development genius and that is an incredibly important part of the process. Most people think only as far as getting people to your site. That is an important factor but once they get to your site you need them to stay, make inquiries, and eventually purchases. Dave’s insight into site design is vital to long-term success.

You want visitors? You need SEO
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