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PHP development St. Louis

PHP is a leading programming language for web development because of its ease of use and the top tier frameworks written on top of it.

PHP Development Services

Acumen Develops with the fastest PHP Frameworks. Using PHP Frameworks allows us to build enterprise ready object-orientated code that scales with your business.

We build custom PHP solutions for every conceivable situation.

Laravel, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, Yii, and cakePHP

One of the major advantages of PHP is the Open Sources libraries that come with it. This is not a coincidence. Open Source equates to great flexibility in Design and Development.

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento,

With today’s privacy problems arising each and every second, security is becoming more and more important. The website we create for our customers are always using cutting-edge security techniques and technologies

Modular Object-Orientated Code base

Our PHP development strategy involves making web applications that can be easily supported and upgraded in the future. Our expertise is always at your disposal!

Support and training on demand.

Professional PHP Development

Our preprocessor web developers have years of coding experience with the language, so you can feel sure that you are in the hands of real experts.

There are countless websites on the Internet and in order for someone to find yours, it has to be outstanding. That is exactly what our affordable services provide. And how will we ensure that we make the best possible solutions for you? We will understand your needs and what exactly you envision in your mind. We are very flexible in our approach to preprocessor development, so we would love to hear your innovative ideas. Our programming team is very creative as well, so it is always a pleasure for them to work with new customers and new projects. The benefits of our web development include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of innovative design patterns such as MVC to build easily scalable preprocessor web applications
  • Cross-platform compatible programming code in operating systems such as Windows, OSX, and Linux
  • PHP is and has always been an opeyn-source language so anone can access the source code
  • Up-to-date solutions for e-commerce websites and online catalogs
Acumen builds with PHP 7. PHP7 is a revolution in the way we deliver applications that power everything from websites and mobile to enterprises and the cloud, bringing explosive performance improvements, drastically reduced memory consumption, and a host of brand-new language features to make your apps soar. Acumen develops for today’s workloads, using PHP 7 is the ultimate choice for today’s web.

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