Orchard CMS

Orchard CMS

Any Content Management System is designed to allow an average user to add content to a web page without having to resort to a web developer. In the case of Orchard it uses an Open Source license which means the system is both free and updated by a dedicated team of developers all the time.

Websites are really just conglomerations of pieces. Titles, content, images, video, and more. It’s the goal of the Orchard CMS to allow you to put the pieces together and create your own unique website using .NET. Despite the fact that it’s a free and open source tool you will probably want to have a web developer create your website initially. After that you and your team can perform many of the modifications without further help.

Open Source! .NET! Count me in.

Orchard CMS Services

Open Source means that everyday web developers create and maintain the tool and it means that it’s free.

It’s not only free but because a dedicated team of thousands are constantly looking for errors its always up to date and secure.

Free is good.

Content Managements are designed so you can edit and create your own content without having to pay your web developer for every little change. This promotes the idea that your team can make the changes and keeps your website fresh.

When you update your website you know the data is accurate. No going back and forth between team members and the web developer.

Your team, our expertise.

Modules are add-ons that extend the website. They can be as simple as a SiteMap generator and as complex as a Shopping Cart. The good is that because Orchard is Open Source there are developers creating new modules all the time.

When it comes to great variety and constant updates the modules created by the Orchard open source team are hard to beat.

Plenty of modules for everything I need and more.

Each of your pages is based on a template and the ability to make those templates unique gives your site its own look. Templates are actually something often done by the developer but once created it’s easy for your users to pick one for the page they are creating.

Templates really make your site and they can be used in conjunction with Modules so your users can make pages both quickly and easily.

The ability to use different templates for different page types is extremely handy.

The layout of your set is based on menus and these are easily created and manipulated within the Orchard CMS. It’s something any end user can do with a little training.

Why pay a .NET web developer to update your menu everytime you create a new page? With Orchard CMS you don’t have to.

Menus? I thought they’d be difficult, they’re not.

About Orchard CMS

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The C in CMS stands for Content. Content is everything in your site that has any information. A blog post, a comment, a product, and even the navigation menu or your logo are identifiable, individual pieces of content. It’s built on the rock solid .NET platform.

The Orchard Dashboard is easy to understand and simple to use. This is where your employees can create and edit existing pages without coming to us for help. That’s the whole point of a CMS like Orchard. We’ll build the site, you largely maintain it and only come to us with more complex issues.

I wanted to be able to make content changes. Not have to request everything. Orchard is perfect.

Orchard is an Open Source tool and the huge community that helps build it creates new modules all the time. These .NET based modules are added on to your website easily and extend its functionality. Need a Sitemap? No problem? Need simple SEO for meta data? No problem. Modules are many and varied but they ensure your website does what you want. That’s Orchard.

Like any website there are security issues and Orchard addresses them with easily created Users and Permission sets. Allow your employees exactly the level of access they need. Some just need to edit pages. Others can create pages. It’s up to you and it’s easy with the Orchard CMS .NET dashboard.

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