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If you’ve ever dreamed about hosting online classes but thought it would be impossible … there is good news and it’s called Moodle. Moodle is an open source development tool used to create online classes. With Moodle online classes you can teach thousands of students at a time! Online classes are quickly coming to dominate the learning industry and Moodle websites are springing up everywhere. The best part of Moodle online classes … they’re easy to create!

I love my Moodle online classroom. So many people want to learn what I have to teach. And they’re willing to pay!

Moodle Educational Services

Any website needs to be hosted. We not only provide you with top-notch Moodle website design but also provide Moodle hosting on our colocation, always-on servers.

Our pricing plan is easy to understand and doesn’t include additional cost for every add-on service. Call today to find out more.

When it comes to Moodle classroom hosting we’re the experts. We have colocation servers which sounds like a fancy term but it just means that we have multiple webservers running in different locations so that if something happens to one the other is there to take the load. We understand that your students need access to their Moodle online classes at all times and we will make that happen.

Hosting too? Everything with one company, nice!

Like most Open Source software, Moodle isn’t always easy to understand and creating your first Moodle online classroom website requires a little bit of know-how. Let our Moodle experts show you how to work with the tool so that you can do all your online classroom setup and monitoring yourself.

If you don’t want to spend all that time setting up the online classes because you’d rather just teach then we can do all the work for you.

We’ll setup the initial design, look and feel, and then your online class is saved as a template so that additional online classes are easy to create. It’s all up to you how, do you want to just teach or would you prefer to delve deeply into the online classroom creation tool? We’re here to help.

Personally, it’s best for me to let Tom and Dave do all the setup, I just want to run the class.

Just because you have a Moodle online classroom doesn’t mean students will be running to you from all over the world. You have to make sure that when searches are performed about your area of expertise your Moodle online classes show up high in search results.

That’s where our team of SEO experts can help. We can give you best concept practices so you can make sure you Moodle online classes are reaching the widest possible audience.

There is a lot of competition out there for search result and we can help. We charge $125 an hour for our services and believe it’s a cooperative effort between the SEO expert and the subject matter expert (you). Both sides have to take an active role or it just won’t work. Call today to find out more.

I had a site, I had no visitors. Then I learned SEO. Wow.

Creating a Moodle Website

Until the advent of Moodle online classes it was all but impossible for an educator to create a classroom website capable of reaching millions of potential students without the help of web developers and web designers. Moodle has changed all of that. Our Moodle experts can help setup your website and troubleshoot any problems but, for the most part, it’s your website and your students to do with as you will.

That’s the best part of Moodle, it’s easy to create assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, and upload files without being a webmaster.

We will help create basic Moodle online classes with a simple structure and leave the rest to you. If that’s enough then that’s all we’ll do. If you want more help then we are here to either work on each item at your request or teach you how to do it yourself. It’s really a question of how hands on you want to be with your Moodle online classroom.

With Moodle online classes I reach people from around the world who want to learn.

You have knowledge that people will pay to learn. Until recently you were limited to people in a narrow geographic region but Moodle online classes have changed all that. Moodle is Open Source software meaning it’s free to use.

While it’s free to use it can be difficult setting up your first Moodle online classroom and there are a number of administrative tasks that our Moodle designers can provide.

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