Javascript Development

Javascript Development Services

It is helpful in simplifying the working process with the support of a few data structures that are commonly used in JavaScript.

UnderScore JS

Web developers use it widely to manage events, execute animations, navigate HTML documents and add AJAX interactions to the web pages.


It is used for the purpose of supplying structure to the JavaScript apps that are heavy in nature.

Backbone JS

This is a structural framework of JavaScript, which is meant for dynamic web applications.

Angular JS

It helps the users build quality-rich web apps within a short span of time.

Meteor JS

With the support of this framework, CSS3 & HTML5 features are detected in the browser of the user.


It is known as JavaScript file & module loader, which is optimized for browser-in use. This is helpful in enhancing the quality and speed of the code.

Require JS

It works well to solve different problems of the web development, including event handling, data binding and efficient DOM updates.

Ractive JS

This framework is acclaimed for increasing the productivity. The APIs of this framework play a vital role in accomplishing your work speedily.

Ember JS

This is useful in creating editor user interfaces and responsive display.

Knockout JS

It is known as a logic-less syntax of the template. This can be used anywhere for configuring files, source code & HTML.

Mustache JS

Custom JavaScript Development

JavaScript adds behavior to the web page, where the web page is capable of responding to actions of your visitors the easiest way possible. It allows you to improve your visitor’s experience of the web page by converting it from a static page into one that can greatly interact with the end user.

We make appropriate use of this dynamic computer programming language and offer a broad range of JavaScript development services at most affordable prices. In both cases, whether you are planning to optimize an existing web development app or want to begin a fresh project, Acumen Consulting always brings the best outcomes. Our developers use their industry practices as well as proven methodologies to deliver custom JavaScript development in a timely manner and within budget. In order to smooth the complex web apps, we use the JavaScript’s large number of libraries.

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