Joomla Website Development

A Joomla Website is an incredibly flexible website. We recommend Joomla websites for situations when growth is expected because the tool is so scalable. It can grow from a small website to one that encompasses many hundreds of pages very quickly and easily.  Development is a little more difficult than some of the other CMS, but the power of this design is astonishing.

The ability to upload our own articles in whatever category we want and have that instantly be available on our site is a huge benefit.

Joomla Services

Our Joomla development group will find the right Joomla template and Joomla theme for you and then customize them so they have the look and feel appropriate for your business. This sort of branding is one of the main reasons a Joomla website is so handy.

Scalable and easy to use

Built into the price for our Joomla development is a how to use Joomla training class. You can send as many of your employees as you want to this class and we’ll teach them the basics of how to create, edit, and update articles. For your more advanced students, we can delve into menus and image sliders as well. It’s all to ensure that your own employees can keep your website up and running so you only need to call us for higher-level troubleshooting.

You must be able to use your website

A great Joomla website that’s easy to navigate and filled with cool Joomla modules is great but you still need to attract potential customers to that website. This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We have a team dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends in SEO marketing. They can help you optimize your content for SEO marketing. It’s not easy and there are many pitfalls to SEO marketing. We provide a variety of SEO Services to our clients

Your website at the top of searches!

We don’t have to build your site in order to maintain, update, and expand it. Our Joomla development team is happy to look at your existing information and modify it to suit your changing needs. There are times, for whatever reason, when a company moves on from one web developer to another. These can be particularly tricky situations as website development can be heavily modified by particular coders. We’re happy to take on the responsibility of any Joomla website, not just ones we created.

We'll bring you up-to-date even if we didn't create your website

Joomla Website Concepts

Joomla websites have been around for many years now and there are a number of Templates available to create a look and feel unique for your site. These Templates make Development significantly easier and cheaper. Once you decided on this CMS template, our development team goes about modifying that CMS template to suit your needs. It’s quite easy to add new articles and, once they’ve had a little training, your team can do it without any support at all.

There are so many modules available for Joomla that the only difficult part is deciding how you want to accomplish something

Every website is a work in progress and our development team, based in St. Louis, MO, understand that your site will never be finished. We don’t just make a site for you but we help you keep it up-to-date with the latest information. One of the huge advantages to this CMS is the ability for the client to update their website as necessary rather than wait for the development team to be available.

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