Product Updates

Xamarin Test Cloud Launch

This is a fantastic development tool launched by Xamarin that allows us to test your applications against up to 1,000 different devices. It ensures that when we write you application it will work right the first time on just about every device out there. That's awesome. - 24-Sep-2014

Ember.js 1.7.0 and Beta 1.8

The 1.7.0 release is largely a bug-fix release and the Beta 1.8 is available for testing - 23-Aug-2014

WooThemes 2.2 Beta

This is a new Beta version of WooThemes with a lot of added functionality. - 01-Aug-2014

CakePHP 3.0.0 Alpha

This is a major Alpha release of the 3.0.0 version of CakePHP and introduces significant new features to the product. - 28-Jul-2014

Bootstrap 3.2.0

This is a major release for Bootstrap. - 26-Jun-2014

Ember 1.6.0 and 1.7 Beta

This is a major update to Ember.js and includes many new features that improve performance. - 07-Jul-2014

ASP.NET MVC 5.2 Release

This is a fairly large release although not a major release. It is improves a number of features in MVC - 30-Jun-2014

CakePHP 3.0.0 Alpha

A new alpha for testing CakePHP implementing a lot of user feedback - 25-Jun-2014

DNN 7.3.0

The theme for DNN 7.3 is performance. The entire platform has been optimized from a variety of perspectives to improve overall system performance. - 11-Jun-2014

Xamarin 3

Xamarin 3 includes four major improvements to the way apps are built. - 28-May-2014

Notepad++ 6.6.3

A fairly minor update to Notepad++ which some of us use for writing code. - 01-Jun-2014


This is a maintenance release which fixes 34 bugs with 3.9, including numerous fixes for multisite networks, customizing widgets while previewing themes, and the updated visual editor. Also included are some improvements to the new audio/video playlists feature and adjustments to improve performance. - 08-May-2014

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