Zickel Flooring

Zickel Flooring came to Acumen through our Hosting Division needing a website. They didn’t have an existing site and we recommended going with WordPress. They didn’t want a template but instead had a very strong idea what the look and feel of their new site should be.

They brought us detailed artwork of the new website and we built it using our boostrap, or raw, style. It was great to work with a site from the ground up doing all the styling and the new site looks exactly like they envisioned. This sort of work is a little more time-consuming than going with an existing template but the results are often well worth it to the client.

WordPress Design

Working with WordPress is such a great experience. We can built exactly the website you want without even resorting to a template. We only need create a few templates based on your expectations and then, using forms, you add new content and update existing data. It’s easy for you to change things without having to come to us for every little thing. That’s a huge savings. It also means your site is always updated and always fresh. Win!

“Wow! The new site is exactly what we envisioned.”