Shout Out for Hope Facebook Application

Shout-Out for Hope is a tremendous organization tasked with helping people with neurodegenerative disorders. Their Facebook for Business application allows the friends and families of people afflicted with this group of diseases to come together and help one-another. We’re so proud to have had a part in developing this Facebook Application.

The new social paradigm of social networking allows people with similar situations from all over the world to gather and help one another. When we work on any Facebook Application design project we know that it’s much more than a simple project with a bottom line. We’re helping real people cope with real problems.

“When it comes to caring we can always count on Acumen.”

Facebook for Business

We will help you build a Facebook Application from the ground up although, like any of our web development projects, the greater a role you take in the branding of the application the better. It’s always a cooperative effort in this regard and we take pride in our client relationships. A Facebook Application, like the one for Shout-Out for Hope, should have some interactive elements to make it more game-like and draw in customers. Once a customer comes to your application they see your strategically placed advertisements and are surrounded by your branding elements.

It’s easy to see that Facebook Applications provide you with a huge amount of potential customers but these applications are not always as simple to deliver as people might imagine. Our experience with Facebook Applications can help you tread these difficult waters. Take a look through our Portfolio and see if you think we might be able to help you!