Shannahan Crane and Hoist

We’ve been providing Network Support to our client Shannahan Crane and Hoist for many years and were thrilled when they came to us with a plan to overhaul their original, hand-coded, website. Our team suggested a dotNetNuke site as a good alternative for them. There are many dotNetNuke Skins and dotNetNuke Templates available for customization. This was particularly useful because this client wanted two sites with identical navigation profiles but different color schemes. With a quick modification to an existing dotNetNuke template and dotNetNuke skin we were able to provide a solution.

I can’t believe how easy it is update and maintain our site.

dotNetNuke is a flexible Content Management System with many dotNetNuke Skins and dotNetNuke Templates available for customization. Shannahan Crane and Hoist needed the single site split into two sites but wanted to have the same look and feel to each one. This is where dotNetNuke Website Design allowed us to help them. By using dotNetNuke Templates we achieved a different look for each site but maintained common navigation elements for website visitors.

DNN Site Design

DotNetNuke was one of the first Content Management Systems around and maintains a strong presence in the field. One of the biggest advantages of making a website with dotNetNuke Templates ability of our customers to change content. Using the built in editor it’s not difficult at all for a person with limited web development skill to create a page or change page content.

Our dotNetNuke Design Team worked with this tool extensively in the early days of web development with CMS. The latest version of dotNetNuke was recently released and promises to compete with some of the newer systems. If you have an older site built with dotNetNuke or like the promise of the new version then our dotNetNuke design team can help with your site.