Missouri Humanities Council

WordPress Website

We don’t always build a WordPress Website from scratch. In the business world sometimes a company has to move on from one vendor to another and that was the case in our relationship with the Missouri Humanities Council. They already had a WordPress Website built with a WordPress Template and a modified WordPress Site Theme. They simply asked us to step in and provide support, expand the existing WordPress Website, and provide training on how to update the WordPress Website as necessary.

One of the things we love the most about a WordPress Website and its accompanying WordPress Site Theme and WordPress Template is the relatively similar way in which the tool functions. We were able to step into a situation where we didn’t build the WordPress Website and help our client keep it up to date without too much trouble. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but sometimes in Website Development it is necessary to tweak the code to make the Website look and feel meet the client’s desires. This code tweaking can become a problem when a second or later Website Development company comes in to a support position.

With the common elements of WordPress Websites and the organic way that many WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, and WordPress Templates work we were able to make the transition much more easily than if it was a hand-coded site. This is one of the huge advantages of a Content Management System. We’re happy to support any website even if we didn’t built it!

Simple, easy to edit, done on budget and on time. Acumen is the best.

WordPress Design

WordPress is currently the hottest CMS (Content Management System) out there. It started as a blogging tool but grew rapidly into a full-blown CMS. One of the reasons we see such an explosion of WordPress Website design is because of the blogging beginnings of the tool. The blog features are still there and this allows WordPress website owners to create new WordPress pages and WordPress posts without having to come to us for every little change.

Working with a site someone else developed is always a challenge but it’s also an opportunity to see how someone else views website development. There’s always something more to learn – Dave

Because creating a WordPress Website is so easy we now see a huge number of WordPress Templates, WordPress site Themes, and WordPress Plugins. These tools make it easy for out WordPress Website design team to find a WordPress Template that meets your needs. Once the WordPress Template is found our WordPress Developers go to work customizing the WordPress Theme with your branding elements. We then add WordPress Plugins to extend the ability of your site to meet any and all requirements.