Mid-America Sports Advantage

Mid-America Sports Advantage is a sporting goods supplier with an established reputation and many clients. They came to us with an older website built largely by hand and it was extremely difficult to maintain. They had trouble adding new categories and managing their products as a whole. Acumen suggested using Magento as the base to their new website and they picked out one of the many available templates available for Magento. Then it was a matter of customizing the template to meet their needs.

Once the new website looked like what they want we programatically imported all of their products. This was a big job because their old system didn’t have the same structured data as Magento. We had to reorganize the category structure to meet Magento’s standards but in the end it all worked out nicely. Now that they have a modern Magento eCommerce site they find it simple to add new products and categories and update their menus accordingly. It was a great experience.

Magento Design

Magento is the number one eCommerce solution for small businesses across the United States and the world. It makes product management significantly easier and that’s why people love it so much. Like all Content Management Systems it’s designed to allow the website owners and employees make simple changes without having to come to the developer. That’s one of its many strengths.

Magento is designed as an eCommerce solution but that doesn’t mean you can’t completely make the look and feel of the website your own. There are a ton of Themes available or we can simply design a new theme to your specifications. It will look just like you want it to look and have the advantages of Magento eCommerce.

“It’s a lot easier to make changes.”