Hazelwood Economic Development

Hazelwood needed a portal for the Economic Development pages that were at the time located on the main city page. Creating a separate site with just Economic Development content was imperative with a long-term goal of expanding the current content and integrating with a robust GIS system for Hazelwood. For the moment Acumen’s goal was to create a site quickly, transfer over existing content, and have it up and running quickly with as little disturbance as possible.

The first part of the project was completed without difficulty although expansion of the site in a second stage and full integration with a GIS system is still a work in progress.

WordPress Design

As WordPress continues to mature it becomes an even better platform on which to build websites where the user can easily edit content without having to come to the developer to perform the work. This directly effects the amount of money spent by the customer. It’s important to consider long-term costs when developing a new website, it’s not just the cost of creating and deploying the site. With WordPress your down the road expenses are dramatically decreased. This combined with the ability to add new content to your website easily and regularly is well worth the switch to WordPress.

“They key was having a site we could update and keep current. Mission accomplished.”