WordPress Design

WordPress is currently the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world. It started as a blogging tool but grew rapidly into a full-blown CMS. One of the reasons we see such an explosion of WordPress Website design is because of the blogging beginnings of the tool. The blog features are still there and this allows WordPress website owners to create new WordPress pages and WordPress posts without having to come to us for every little change.

Because creating a WordPress Website is so easy we now see a huge number of WordPress Templates, WordPress site Themes, and WordPress Plugins. These tools make it easy for out WordPress Website design team to find a WordPress Template that meets your needs. Once the WordPress Template is found our WordPress Developers go to work customizing the WordPress Theme with your branding elements. We then add WordPress Plugins to extend the ability of your site to meet any and all requirements.

Hartwig Inc. is a machine tool distributor with a large product line and a number of locations all over the United States. They needed a flexible website that allowed them to add new products easily and also make sure that those products were shown as available at particular locations. WordPress was a perfect solution for them because we needed to create a large number of post types associated with their various machines, vendors, and locations. In addition they needed a powerful calendar tool that allowed them to create events and track participants.

Each machine requires a fairly significant amount of data to be associated with it so that customers know exactly what they are getting. This sort of data entry into websites can be extremely difficult for end users with little website development experience. Because of the constant change required on the site we needed to build them something they could update easily and often.

It took a little bit of work to get them a WordPress website that was both great looking and easy for them to use but it would not have been possible with WordPress. It’s a great site but what you don’t see is what is most important. They can update and edit new machines and put in new events without ever having to come to us. That saves them a huge amount of money.

“So easy to add new machines!”