City of Hazelwood

The City of Hazelwood had a Joomla 1.5 website that was developed by another company and Acumen spent the last few years supporting any changes needed. Joomla moved on from 1.5 to several new versions and the decision was made to update the site to WordPress rather than Joomla.

There were many hundreds of pages and posts that needed to be ported over to the new site. In addition the decision was made to keep the new site stylistically the same as the old which meant a great deal of customization to CSS rather than using a stock theme and making a few changes.

WordPress uses categories in a different way than Joomla and a new hierarchial structure had to be created and the hundreds of pages and posts assigned to these pages. The advantage of WordPress Posts loading directly to particularly pages was a major factor in choosing WordPress for the project.

We also had to find equivelant plugins for WordPress that provided the same function as those from Joomla. There were a number of minor issues along the way but the migration of pages went very smoothly and the new theme is almost indistinguishable from the old Joomla theme.

We also created an interactive training module for the City of Hazelwood employees so that they can more easily create pages, posts, calendar items, and other things within the site.

WordPress Design

WordPress is currently the hottest CMS (Content Management System) out there. It started as a blogging tool but grew rapidly into a full-blown CMS. One of the reasons we see such an explosion of WordPress Website design is because of the blogging beginnings of the tool. The blog features are still there and this allows WordPress website owners to create new WordPress pages and WordPress posts without having to come to us for every little change.

Because creating a WordPress Website is so easy we now see a huge number of WordPress Templates, WordPress site Themes, and WordPress Plugins. These tools make it easy for out WordPress Website design team to find a WordPress Template that meets your needs. Once the WordPress Template is found our WordPress Developers go to work customizing the WordPress Theme with your branding elements. We then add WordPress Plugins to extend the ability of your site to meet any and all requirements.

“It’s a lot easier to make changes.”