Edmundson WordPress Design

As WordPress continues to mature it becomes an even better platform on which to build websites where the user can easily edit content without having to come to the developer to perform the work. This directly effects the amount of money spent by the city. It’s important to consider long-term costs when developing a new website, it’s not just the cost of creating and deploying the site. With WordPress your down the road expenses are dramatically decreased. This combined with the ability to add new content to your website easily and regularly is well worth the switch to WordPress.

The City of Edmundson had an outdated website that was difficult it not impossible to edit without involving their old web developer. Even something as simple as adding a calender event took a large amount of time and effort. So when the city hired us to create their new website it was clear WordPress would be the ideal development platform. Using Custom Post Types we were able to create a website that not only looks great but is very easy to update. We installed a tested, stable, and easy to use calendering system that allows them to add events in just a few seconds.

In addition we created an easy to edit contact list with clickable links. This means as Board Members come and go the city doesn’t have to come to us to make changes. They simply edit a custom form and the data is automatically transferred to the contact page.

Naturally we updated the look and feel to make it a modern looking website where visitors can easily navigate to the page they want to see.

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“The calendar tool alone was worth the new website”