Best Chicago Properties

The realtor competition in the greater Chicago area is fierce to say the least. When Best Chicago Properties came to us hoping to keep up with the competition we knew we had our hands full. We decided that a WordPress Website was best for them for a number of reasons. WordPress Websites are extremely flexible because of the great number of WordPress site Themes, WordPress Templates, and WordPress Plugins available. This flexibility gives the site owner tremendous power over the content of their WordPress Website Design and WordPress Website Content.

In this case the owner of the company is very hands-on and wanted to be able to make changes to the WordPress site without having to come to us all the time. WordPress Websites are ideal for this kind of situation. We worked together with Jeff to find an appropriate WordPress Template, then customized the WordPress Theme to his look and feel specifications. In addition we found a number of fantastic real-estate orientated WordPress Plugins that allow the site to display fully interactive listings.

After the transition we discovered that Best Chicago Properties had dropped dramatically in their SEO because of the new pages. They became of our first SEO client and within weeks had returned to their previous standing. It was a remarkable testament to how proper SEO techniques applied by an active and aggressive site owner can bring dramatic results very quickly. Thanks to the ability to easily change WordPress Website content the SEO changes happened rapidly. That’s one of the greatest things about a WordPress Website, the ability for owners to change the content themselves.

WordPress Design

WordPress is currently the hottest CMS (Content Management System) out there. It started as a blogging tool but grew rapidly into a full-blown CMS. One of the reasons we see such an explosion of WordPress Website design is because of the blogging beginnings of the tool. The blog features are still there and this allows WordPress website owners to create new WordPress pages and WordPress posts without having to come to us for every little change.

Because creating a WordPress Website is so easy we now see a huge number of WordPress Templates, WordPress site Themes, and WordPress Plugins. These tools make it easy for out WordPress Website design team to find a WordPress Template that meets your needs. Once the WordPress Template is found our WordPress Developers go to work customizing the WordPress Theme with your branding elements. We then add WordPress Plugins to extend the ability of your site to meet any and all requirements.

“They key was having a site we could update and keep current. Mission accomplished.”