Windows Audio Device Graph IsolationWindows Audio Device Graph Isolation

One of our laptops began having all sorts of lag problems and a process called Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation seemed to be the culprit.

It manifests itself largely on website that have video content that loads automatically.

Most sites nowadays experience this because of sidebar advertisements. There’s an easy solution that has yet to cause us any problems and dramatically improved performance on the laptop in question.

  1. Right click on the Sound Icon in the Tray (lower right corner of Task Bar)
  2. Playback Devices
  3. Right Click > Properties of the default audio device (the one with the green check)
  4. Enhancement Tab
  5. Check disable all enhancements (even if none of them are checked)
  6. Ok
  7. Ok

The performance is resolved!

The process in question is called audiodg.exe if you want to kill it individually, but the problem will tend to resurface.

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For additional help, feel free to click on the Microsoft Support link below: