I was recently working with one of my SP 2010 Lists and found that tab category List Tools with the Tabs of Items and Lists was missing. It wasn’t too hard to find the problem but I couldn’t find anywhere that gave you step-by-step instructions on how to fix it.

MissingTabs SP


The problem is that a Content Editor Webpart was added to the List Page but was left blank. Essentially, someone accidently added an extra webpart but didn’t populate it with any actual data. All the advice I found suggested removing the extra web part. I didn’t know how to do this.

Here’s how

  1. Navigate to the List in question (not a Page displaying the list, but the list itself)
  2. From the Site Actions drop-down (upper left) choose Edit Page
  3. Click the arrow (upper right) of the offending Content Editor Webpart and choose Delete
  4. Then, click the Page Tab
  5. Click Stop Editing

You should now see your tabs where they belong! Hooray.

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For additional help, contact Microsoft Support by clicking the link below: