Dynamics 2012

This past weekend I upgraded a client’s installation of Microsoft Management Report v.2 to 2012. After transferring everything and testing it, I reported it ready for production. Soon after, I got an email from a user with the attached screenshot of the error message he received when generating a report in the updated Report Designer:

Dynamics 2012

Dynamics 2012 Solution

When I went into Report Viewer, I found that the reports had been generated.

But I was able to open them in the viewer. I just could not open the reports from within Report Designer.

The issue that I found was that at one time, the Terminal Server that the application runs on at one time had Google Chrome.

But Chrome had since been removed. In the time that Chrome was there, the user had had Chrome set as the default browser. Since Chrome had been removed, Internet Explorer had never been reset as the default browser.

(This being a Terminal Server and the users were trained not to use a browser from the remote desktop).

Once I set IE as the default browser, Management Reporter was able to send the reports to browser, as was the expected behavior.

The issue does not seem to be the use of a browser other than IE, just the lack of a default browser set for the user. Even though I didn’t test it on the system, Management Reporter Web Viewer should run on Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Chrome 22.0.1229.79 or newer, Firefox 14.01 or newer or Safari 5.1 or newer.

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