At Acumen Consulting we help companies build their websites and overall web presence. This includes help with Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. The goal behind SEO is to get searches relevant to your business to the front page of Google and Bing along with the various other players in the Search Engine business. There are known and effective methods to make this happen. It’s not an exact science because the Search Providers keep their algorithms secret so people will not trick the system into pulling forward non-relevant results. This doesn’t stop people from trying to shortcut their way to SEO success.

One of the primary methods of “cheating” the system is something called back linking. One of the important factors in getting your business to the front page of a search result is if there are other websites out there linking to your websites, backlinks. The more backlinks you have the more the Search Providers consider you a reliable and relevant webpage. Thus your presence on search results goes up. This is a known.

Because people know there arose something called a “backlink farm”. This Farm was merely a website that published thousands of links reciprocating links to various sites. You paid say $125 a month and everyone who subscribed to this service created a backlink from their page to your page and you did the same for them. The problem with this from the Search Providers perspective is that backlinks are being created that are not relevant.

A rap music site has a link to a plumbing site and vice-versa. This means that the search results that are generated for the users of the Search Provider do not get them to the pages they want to see. This is all-important to the Search Providers. Google and Bing want you to be successful in your search. They don’t like backlink schemes. These schemes are still prevalent today, along with other techniques that are, in the long run, dangerous to your business.

A major example of this just occurred when Google blacklisted the Rap Genius site. Rap Genius was engaged in reciprocal back linking. Google blacklisted them and the website traffic dropped by 60% overnight. Rap Genius is a fairly major website and Google is working with them to resolve the situation. Google will not be so kind with you. They will blacklist you and, if you beg for twelve months or so, eventually remove the blacklist.

There is a way achieve SEO. It’s not easy. It requires work. It’s not something that you can pay someone else $500 a month to do for you. The SEO Company doesn’t know your business. They don’t have your expertise and that knowledge is key to SEO. You have to do in conjunction with your SEO company.

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