Our ecommerce team discovered that there’s a strange little feature in the Cart Viper shopping cart category listing that caused me about half-an hour worth of frustration. It’s actually documented in the tool itself but it was difficult to fully understand.

In this case I wanted the DNN Menu module to be available to non-authenticated and unverified users. It’s easy to make the module header appear in the sidebar but the Categories list proved more difficult.

Cart Viper


Within the documentation for the tool it tells you to leave all Role Options for the module blank to have it show up for all users. I didn’t want the Menu List to show up for all users, just select User Roles including Unverified and Non-Authenticated. Thus I checked those two Roles and several others. The Category list showed up when I was logged in as an administrator but once I logged out the categories vanished.

Finally I simply followed directions by unchecking all roles and it worked. Not that big a deal but somewhat frustrating. Apparently there is a bug somewhere in the viewing for Unverified and Non-Authenticated users. Easy to fix in the end.


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