Recent updates to this reader, as of Oct 5, 2015, are causing major performance issues. The problem is rather technical but the result is that if you happen to leave it up for a few hours your entire computer will slow to a crawl.

The team is looking into the issue according to their website but the solution is fairly simple. You must do two things.

  1. Uninstall the Cloud if it is installed
  2. Delete or change the name of the file: DocoShare.fpi

Uninstall Cloud

  1. Control Panel
  2. Add/Remove Programs
  3. Foxit Cloud > Remove

Delete or Change DocoShare.fpi

  1. Open File Management (Windows Explorer, Computer, My Computer depending on Operating System)
  2. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Plugins (or something similar depending on OS)
  3. Rename or Delete DocoShare.fpi
    1. I like to rename personally and called it DocoShare-old.fpi

This should solve the problem. Hopefully FoxIt will eventually come up with a solution which will be implemented on an update.

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