What Makes a Great Website?

So you’re interested in website development services? You must be asking yourself, “Do I really need a new website?” or, “How can I know if a new website is a great investment?”. Acumen will tackle these questions here and give you good answers. Website Development is our specialty, and we help business owners make good decisions every day… that’s our business.

When a business owner weighs the decision of paying for new website development, what they really want are more sales. The website is just an end to that means. The business only benefits from a new website if it leads to increased sales. Anyone with a will and some tech savvy can throw together a decent looking website using a paid theme that meets all the latest technical trends, but building the website to engage visitors, drive new sales, and really help the business grow requires specialized expertise.

Only hire a website development firm or freelancer with a proven track record of understanding and achieving business goals for their clients

Most people who are shopping for website development have found themselves in that position because of a few different scenarios. Read on to learn more.

Scenario 1: You Have an Outdated Website

If you have an old, outdated website that isn’t optimized for mobile visitors, then you’re website needs to be replaced. Why? For starters, upwards of 60% of website visitors are now on mobile devices. Their expectations are already set before they pay you a visit, and if they land on your site to find a clunky, confusing, and outdated experience, their trust for your company just went out the window. Let’s face it, internet users are savvy, and they have high expectations from their daily interactions with companies who spend millions on their websites. Now how can you compete?

Your website must be mobile optimized. If you’re going to invest in a new website, that should be technical requirement #1.

Scenario 2: You Have a Decent Website, Just Not Enough Traffic

What good is even having a website if no one finds it? Believe it or not, this is a very common dilemma. A website is only a wise investment if it helps grow your business, and that means it needs to do two things: Bring in more traffic and deliver sales conversions. Don’t bother building a new website if it isn’t going to meet those two goals.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of web developers out there who haven’t caught onto this, or don’t have the chops to deliver it.

There are only 10 places on the first search result page (Google, Bing, Yahoo). If you’re not on there, that means your website isn’t really working for you. If you can get into the top 3, you’ll have a huge increase in sales conversions. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. You need an expert to help you achieve this.

Scenario 3: Your Website is Slow and Insecure

Here’s another one that happens all the time. A decent web developer builds you a mobile optimized decent website that’s ready to bring in new customers, but doesn’t know how to make it speedy and secure. Unfortunately, that means lower traffic, despite the other strengths it may have. Only a technical expert knows how to make a website lightning fast and secure. Newbies need not apply…

In recent years, Google and other search engines have adjusted their algorithms to rank fast and secure websites higher than slower, non-secure ones. If you want your website to be a wise investment, these requirements must be met.

A Website is Only a Great Investment If It is Fast, Secure, Mobile Optimized, Brings in Traffic, and Produces Sales Conversions

You may find yourself in some other circumstance that makes you need a new website. Perhaps you have a business startup that needs to begin building a solid online presence, or your current website got hacked or was abandoned by the developer? Regardless of the reason, we are interested in your situation and want to help you make a good business decision. We provide free estimates for website development projects and would love the opportunity to speak with you.