There isn’t any documentation for the Vandelay Industries Module used for internet marketing. This particularly affects the SEO tool for meta keywords and description.

Happily there is a way around this issue and I’ll detail it in this blog.

Forum posts are out of date for Orchard 1.7 because they reference adding a “Content Part” to a “Content Type”. By default, this is not possible in Orchard 1.7. You must activate the built-in ContentTypes Module or the Content Type editor is hidden – in fact, it has been renamed on the menu to “Content Definition”.

Here are the steps to activate the “Meta” Module:

  1. Login to the Admin section of Orchard.
  2. Click the Modules entry in the left menu.
  3. Enable the ContentTypes Module.
  4. Then, click the new “Content Definition” entry in the left menu.
  5. Click the Page->Edit link on the Content Types tab.
  6. Click the Add Parts button.
  7. Check the box for Meta.
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Optional: Since you don’t commonly need to modify Content Definitions, disable the ContentTypes Module.

Bonus Information

The Vandelay Module doesn’t allow Title overrides for SEO. Use the “Page Title Override” Module by Endless Mountain Solutions.

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