Nav Menu

There’s an interesting little quirk to Magento.

In Magento, the Navigation menu does not display even when you’ve told the particularly categories to show. There’s a quick fix to the problem but it’s good to know before you create an extensive category system.

The problem is that the Navigation menu relies on a particular Root category and if you change the default category or create a new Root category the Navigation menu doesn’t recognize it without a little tweak. Here’s how you can fix it.

  1. From the Catalog Menu select Manage Categories
  2. Click Add Root Category
  3. Name your Root Category (root-SITENAME)
  4. On the General Information Tab ensure Is Active equals Yes
  5. On the General Information Tab ensure Include in Navigation Menu equals Yes
  6. Click Save Category
  7. With the new Root Category Selected click Add Subcategory
  8. Create the subcategory of the main category making sure it is Active and Included on the Nav Menu
  9. From the Main Menu Systems – Manage Stores
  10. Click the Main Website Store link
  11. From the Root Category drop-down choose the Root Category you created earlier (root-SITENAME)
  12. Click Save Store

Any new categories you create should appear on the Navigation Menu.

As a side note, remember when you create Products on the Inventory tab add a number to the Qty field and change Stock Availability to In Stock otherwise products will not display in their Categories.

I hope that was helpful to people struggling with this issue. If you need help with your eCommerce Magento site we can. See our Magento Page and give us a call.