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WordPress is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is very user-friendly and a great content management tool for both small and large businesses. Business owners can install a variety of WordPress plugins to customize their site as much or as little as they’d like. WordPress allows its users to choose from hundreds of themes, and the CMS site even adds new additions to its theme selection weekly. Acumen provides software development services for WordPress.

Several web sites provide a good overview:

Official WordPress Features page  WordPress Wikipedia

WP Menu with Descriptions

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WP Menu While moving a client over to WordPress, we wanted to take a hard-coded menu with icons and descriptions into a WordPress-controlled menu that allowed the administrator to update the menu with ease from the Wordpress control panel. Unfortunately,…

The Descriptive Menu Widget

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The Descriptive Menu Widget Today, we released the Descriptive Menu Widget Plugin on the plugin repository. This plugin allows us to display a menu with the menu item descriptions using a simple menu widget. It also provides an…