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WordPress is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is very user-friendly and a great content management tool for both small and large businesses. Business owners can install a variety of WordPress plugins to customize their site as much or as little as they’d like. WordPress allows its users to choose from hundreds of themes, and the CMS site even adds new additions to its theme selection weekly. Acumen provides software development services for WordPress.

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Official WordPress Features page  WordPress Wikipedia

What makes a great website?

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So you're interested in website development services? You must be asking yourself, "do I really need a new website?" or "How will I know if a new website is a great investment?". We'll tackle these questions here and give you good answers. Website Development is our specialty, and we help business owners make good decisions every day. It's our business.

Contact Form 7 with GA

Contact Form 7 The old mechanism of submitting form events to Google Analytics involved using the "Additional Settings" tab of a specific contact form using code similar to: on_sent_ok: "ga( 'send', 'event', 'Contact Form', 'submit' );" In…

WordPress: Best CMS for Your Business

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The latest variation of WordPress CMS is packed with your typical functions, maintaining ease-to-use functions and for that reason, the listing of functions has increased greatly over the years, along with theme variety makes it easy…

8 Awesome WordPress Web Apps

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Sometimes you need a web app and don’t have the time, skill, or budget to do custom development. Developing from scratch can be the solution for many problems, but it can take much longer than starting from an existing code base. WordPress…

WordPress: Resolving MediaFileManager Notice Issue

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WordPress Our WP development team ran into a problem with the Media File Manager plugin by Atsushi Ueda in which the code was attempting to read from an array index that did not exist. This resulted in a Notice level error from PHP, and…

HOWTO: Use OneLogin API in PHP

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OneLogin is a great service that allows companies to use Single Sign On to allow their employees or customers to access a multitude of other applications using a single username and password. We are currently using it to do just that for a client…

DB Editor for WP Forms

DB Editor  When developing WordPress websites we like to use the Formidable Pro plugin for creating forms. Its quite handy but we’ve had it stop working on two sites. We get a: We're sorry. It looks like you've already submitted…

Find Template Used with WordPress

WordPress Template  My boss was kind enough to allow me to attend WordCamp 2014 in St. Louis last weekend and I learned a lot of things but one thing that has already proved useful is a plugin called What The File. This plugin identifies…

HOWTO: Add GA Codes to WP Install

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GA Codes  At Acumen, we want to add Google Analytics on our WordPress installation, and we want the ability to track our posts and our pages separately using Google Analytics properties. We also want to keep our analytics more accurate…