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Official Microsoft SQL Server Training Overview

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NoSQL’s popularity has been on the rise over the last five years, with favorites like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, and Redis on the forefront. With NoSQL’s strengths in its fantastic performance and the ability to store and query denormalized…

Start using SQL Server schema objects

When we use the word "schema", we are usually referring to the overall design definitions of tables, views, stored procedures and other objects in a database. Within Microsoft SQL Server, however, there is an object called "schema" which permits…

HOWTO: Improve SQL Server in Third-Party App

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SQL Server  Description: We have encountered the unfortunate situation where a company has a third-party application and the performance problems associated with this application cannot be solved despite many in-house efforts to do so and…

Aptify Views and SQL Temporary Tables

Building additional SQL views in Aptify Association and Membership Management Software can sometimes require you to use SQL temporary tables in your view. If you then attempt to create a database object from said view: You will get an Aptify…