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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of creating online visibility for particular websites. These unpaid results are also known as “organic, natural or free” results. The general concept of SEO is that the more times a website appears in the search engine results, the more visitors the site will receive. For most business owners, the end result of high ranking SEO is ultimately to convert these site visitors into customers.

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Several web sites provide a good overview.

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Google Analytics Upgrade

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Google Analytics Internet Marketers depend upon Google Analytics to make SEO and PPC decisions. Google is now in the process of moving everyone away from Google Analytics to an updated tool called Universal Analytics. This tool includes…

HOWTO: Back Link Guidance for SEO

At Acumen Consulting we help companies build their websites and overall web presence. This includes help with Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. The goal behind SEO is to get searches relevant to your business to the front page…