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EF Object Reference Error is Solved

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Visual Studio, Entity Framework (EF) 4.5 EF error 6.0 Visual Studio 2013 Errors: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. An exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred Web…

SOLVED: Bootstrap Typeahead Error

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Recently, while trying to implement Bootstrap's typeahead.js to an ASP.NET MVC project, we ran into a couple problems. To start, we were using the following articles as a guide: The…

HOWTO: Route AP12 Controls in MVC

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.net MVC Our .net MVC development team started working with the new Web API 2 controllers released with Visual Studio 2013, and quickly hit some important issues. Routing and AttributeRouting and using Web API 2 controllers inside an…

Entity Framework Error CS1061

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Recently, while developing an application using Entity Framework, I ran into several compilation errors after adding an additional table to my database. Most notably was this error when trying to declare a couple of variables that had once worked…

Solved: Data Annotation Client Validation

Data Annotations Summary: You may have found code samples to generate your own Data Annotations handler for Web Forms.  You may have found incomplete or broken examples.  Stop.  Use this instead: You…


On Dec 29, 2011,   Microsoft released a security update KB2656356 / MS11-100 for ASP.NET to address a potential Denial of Service vulnerability.  In the update, Microsoft introduced a limit to the number of data elements on an ASP.NET form. …