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A classified NoSQL database program, MongoDB stores data in flexible, JSON-like documents with schemas. This database program has a variety of features, such as Ad hoc queries, indexing, replication, load balancing, file storage, aggregation, capped collection and server-side JavaScript execution.

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Several web sites provide a good overview.

Official MongoDB Overview

MongoDB Wikipedia


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NoSQL’s popularity has been on the rise over the last five years, with favorites like MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, and Redis on the forefront. With NoSQL’s strengths in its fantastic performance and the ability to store and query denormalized…

HOWTO: Backup/Restore MongoDB w/ PHP

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Dumping a MongoDB database is done using the "mongodump" utility in the command prompt. This dump creates a binary export of the database. This export can be restored using the "mongorestore" utility. A basic dump of a local MongoDB database…