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SOLVED: Windows Audio Lag

Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation One of our laptops began having all sorts of lag problems and a process called Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation seemed to be the culprit. It manifests itself largely on website that have video…

SOLVED: GP Dynamics 401 Error

GP Dynamics After rebuilding the SQL Server and restoring databases due to a catastrophic hardware failure that even corrupted the redundancies, once users tried to open certain smartlists, they received the following error window: Then,…

SOLVED: Dynamics 2012 Upgrade Issue

Dynamics 2012 This past weekend I upgraded a client’s installation of Microsoft Management Report v.2 to 2012. After transferring everything and testing it, I reported it ready for production. Soon after, I got an email from a user with…

SharePoint List Tool Tabs Unavailable

I was recently working with one of my SP 2010 Lists and found that tab category List Tools with the Tabs of Items and Lists was missing. It wasn't too hard to find the problem but I couldn't find anywhere that gave you step-by-step instructions…

SOLVED: Access Dialog Issue

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Microsoft Access kept hanging on when .Show was called the second time in an application. I created a simple example showing it either hanging or killing the Access 2010 program running windows 7. Clicking the first button and then the second…

You can't list SSIDs with WinRT

SSIDs The new Microsoft API WinRT doesn't allow you to list SSIDs regardless of user permissions.  While it can be done with Win32, it cannot be done with WinRT.  Remember that an App can't enter the Store unless it is exclusively WinRT. …