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Official Microsoft Entity Framework Introduction

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SOLVED: EF Error Properties Members

MVC Entity Framework error / EF Error     Problem From a page in IIS or a debug session in Visual Studio, you receive the following error: The associated metadata type for type contains the following unknown properties…

SOLVED: Entity Framework EntityType Error

Problem In a project using Entity Framework, I received the error: Error 111: Properties referred by the principal role MyTable must be exactly identical to the key of the entitytype when you compile the project in Visual Studio. Entity…

EF Object Reference Error is Solved

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Visual Studio, Entity Framework (EF) 4.5 EF error 6.0 Visual Studio 2013 Errors: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. An exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred Web…

SOLVED: Bootstrap Typeahead Error

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Recently, while trying to implement Bootstrap's typeahead.js to an ASP.NET MVC project, we ran into a couple problems. To start, we were using the following articles as a guide: The…

Entity Framework Error CS1061

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Recently, while developing an application using Entity Framework, I ran into several compilation errors after adding an additional table to my database. Most notably was this error when trying to declare a couple of variables that had once worked…

Data-First with ASP.NET AccountController

Recently, I tried to build an MVC4 application using the SimpleMembershipProvider offered by the Internet Application template. Unfortunately I ran into a slew of compiling errors, run-time errors, and database connection errors once I added…

Visual Studio Error 3034

In Visual Studio using Entity Framework 5.0, I receive the following error when working with link tables (many-to-many mapping tables): Error 3034: Problem in mapping fragments starting at lines:Two entities with possibly different keys are…