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Official Microsoft Dynamics GP Overview

Dynamics GP Wikipedia

Dynamics GP Quantity in Base Explained

I do not have any experience in accounting background, and some of the concepts so obvious to others are a mystery to me. One of those concepts was “Quantity in Base”. Although there may be a great description of this concept directed at…

SOLVED: GP Dynamics 401 Error

GP Dynamics After rebuilding the SQL Server and restoring databases due to a catastrophic hardware failure that even corrupted the redundancies, once users tried to open certain smartlists, they received the following error window: Then,…

SOLVED: Dynamics 2012 Upgrade Issue

Dynamics 2012 This past weekend I upgraded a client’s installation of Microsoft Management Report v.2 to 2012. After transferring everything and testing it, I reported it ready for production. Soon after, I got an email from a user with…