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HOWTO: Add GA Codes to WP Install

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GA Codes  At Acumen, we want to add Google Analytics on our WordPress installation, and we want the ability to track our posts and our pages separately using Google Analytics properties. We also want to keep our analytics more accurate…

WP Menu with Descriptions

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WP Menu While moving a client over to WordPress, we wanted to take a hard-coded menu with icons and descriptions into a WordPress-controlled menu that allowed the administrator to update the menu with ease from the Wordpress control panel. Unfortunately,…

The Descriptive Menu Widget

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The Descriptive Menu Widget Today, we released the Descriptive Menu Widget Plugin on the plugin repository. This plugin allows us to display a menu with the menu item descriptions using a simple menu widget. It also provides an…

HOWTO: Use Vandelay in Orchard

Orchard  There isn't any documentation for the Vandelay Industries Module used for internet marketing. This particularly affects the SEO tool for meta keywords and description. Happily there is a way around this issue and I'll detail…

Joomla Security Vulnerability

One of the Joomla sites we host recently fell victim to a hacker attack. We implemented a couple of simple changes for common hacks and suggest that anyone else hosting a Joomla 1.5 site do the same. Hack 1 There is a default Super Administrator…

DNN Display on All Pages Not Working

DNN Display on All Pages Not Working I was working on our dotNetNuke site with a Navigation bar and added it to all pages. I then edited the Navigation bar, pulled off the Display on All Pages check box in the Settings dialog box, and then…