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What makes a great website?

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So you're interested in website development services? You must be asking yourself, "do I really need a new website?" or "How will I know if a new website is a great investment?". We'll tackle these questions here and give you good answers. Website Development is our specialty, and we help business owners make good decisions every day. It's our business.

PHP 5.7 vs PHP 7

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The Pros and Cons PHP 7.0 Migration With the planned date for PHP 7’s release rapidly approaching, the PHP internals group is hard at work trying to fix our beloved language as much as possible by both removing artifacts and adding some…

WordPress: Best CMS for Your Business

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The latest variation of WordPress CMS is packed with your typical functions, maintaining ease-to-use functions and for that reason, the listing of functions has increased greatly over the years, along with theme variety makes it easy…

8 Awesome WordPress Web Apps

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Sometimes you need a web app and don’t have the time, skill, or budget to do custom development. Developing from scratch can be the solution for many problems, but it can take much longer than starting from an existing code base. WordPress…

WordPress: Resolving MediaFileManager Notice Issue

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WordPress Our WP development team ran into a problem with the Media File Manager plugin by Atsushi Ueda in which the code was attempting to read from an array index that did not exist. This resulted in a Notice level error from PHP, and…

DNN Display on All Pages Not Working

DNN Navigation Our CMS development team was working on a dotNetNuke site with a Navigation bar and added it to all pages. I then edited the Navigation bar, pulled off the Display on All Pages check box in the Settings dialog box, and…

HOWTO: Configure Magento Cron

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Our ecommerce team was having trouble with Magento cron jobs, so we researched the various mechanisms to test and debug them.  The jobs did not run at the expected time and we couldn't see why. The Magento cron jobs run as apache. …

Magento Custom Credit Card Extension

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Magento is a powerful and open-source ecommerce platform that has gained a lot of popularity and has been the system of choice for many developers and online stores. Magento allows developers to extend the platform with custom payment options…

Guide to Magento Theme

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A Magento theme is essentially a group of files that define the look, feel and overall layout of your store. Magento allows the use of multiple concurrent themes, and is not restricted to a single, active theme like WordPress. In this way, you…

Magento Nav Menu not Displaying

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Nav Menu There's an interesting little quirk to Magento. In Magento, the Navigation menu does not display even when you've told the particularly categories to show. There's a quick fix to the problem but it's good to know before you create…