Google Maps and Xamarin

When our mobile app development team started working with Google Maps on Xamarin, we found that there were a lot of conflicting methods of initializing a map view for Android using Xamarin. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what needs to be done to add Google Maps to your Android Xamarin application. 1. Update your […]

HOWTO: Configure Magento Cron

Our ecommerce team was having trouble with Magento cron jobs, so we researched the various mechanisms to test and debug them.  The jobs did not run at the expected time and we couldn’t see why. The Magento cron jobs run as apache.  You can see them by typing: crontab -u apache -l You can edit […]

SSAS – Attribute Hierarchies Error

SQL In his excellent book, Star Schema, Christopher Adamson begins Chapter 7, “Hierarchies and Snowflakes,” with the following language: It is possible to describe a dimension table as a series of parent-child relationships among groups of attributes. Days make up months, months fall into quarters, and quarters fall into years, for example. This chapter explores […]

Start using SQL Server schema objects

When we use the word “schema”, we are usually referring to the overall design definitions of tables, views, stored procedures and other objects in a database. Within Microsoft SQL Server, however, there is an object called “schema” which permits other objects (such as tables, views and stored procedures) to be logically grouped together. Every table […]

HOWTO: Improve SQL Server in Third-Party App

SQL Server  Description: We have encountered the unfortunate situation where a company has a third-party application and the performance problems associated with this application cannot be solved despite many in-house efforts to do so and many attempts to get cooperation from the vendor in troubleshooting the root cause of the problem. The vendor has often […]

DB Editor for WP Forms

DB Editor  When developing WordPress websites we like to use the Formidable Pro plugin for creating forms. Its quite handy but we’ve had it stop working on two sites. We get a: We’re sorry. It looks like you’ve already submitted that Error message every time a form is submitted. There’s a fix but it took […]

Entity Framework Error CS1061

Recently, while developing an application using Entity Framework, I ran into several compilation errors after adding an additional table to my database. Most notably was this error when trying to declare a couple of variables that had once worked before: Compiler Error Message: CS1061: … does not contain a definition for … and no extension […]

Find Template Used with WordPress

WordPress Template  My boss was kind enough to allow me to attend WordCamp 2014 in St. Louis last weekend and I learned a lot of things but one thing that has already proved useful is a plugin called What The File. This plugin identifies what template a particular page is using. It can be a […]

Magento Custom Credit Card Extension

Magento is a powerful and open-source ecommerce platform that has gained a lot of popularity and has been the system of choice for many developers and online stores. Magento allows developers to extend the platform with custom payment options to allow them to make requests APIs and payment processing providers of their choice, such as […]

HOWTO: Back Link Guidance for SEO

At Acumen Consulting we help companies build their websites and overall web presence. This includes help with Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. The goal behind SEO is to get searches relevant to your business to the front page of Google and Bing along with the various other players in the Search Engine business. There […]