WordPress: Resolving MediaFileManager Notice Issue

WordPress Our WP development team ran into a problem with the Media File Manager plugin by Atsushi Ueda in which the code was attempting to read from an array index that did not exist. This resulted in a Notice level error from PHP, and thus broke the file manager.  We think this utility is very useful […]

Fix: php mysql is VERY slow

Our PHP development team encountered many situations where remote connections to mysql take 5 seconds to return responses.  In some cases, we’ve rebuilt servers after tearing our hair out.  This has happened on Windows, Linux, PHP, apache, WordPress, joomla, Zabbix, and so many cases it makes me want to scream.  Of course, people love to point to […]

DNN Display on All Pages Not Working

DNN Navigation Our CMS development team was working on a dotNetNuke site with a Navigation bar and added it to all pages. I then edited the Navigation bar, pulled off the Display on All Pages check box in the Settings dialog box, and then rechecked it. It would not display on all pages after this. […]

Cart Viper Categories Viewable in Sidebar

Our ecommerce team discovered that there’s a strange little feature in the Cart Viper shopping cart category listing that caused me about half-an hour worth of frustration. It’s actually documented in the tool itself but it was difficult to fully understand. In this case I wanted the DNN Menu module to be available to non-authenticated […]

SOLVED: GP Dynamics 401 Error

GP Dynamics After rebuilding the SQL Server and restoring databases due to a catastrophic hardware failure that even corrupted the redundancies, once users tried to open certain smartlists, they received the following error window: Then, after getting the message multiple times, the smartlist data finally showed, but it was a major nuisance for the users. […]

Operations and Operators

Very often, programmers come from a mathematical background where they have frequently dealt with operators and operations and but find it confusing to use these same terms in the context of programming. I had that problem one time myself. Since then, I have spoken of how the methods of a class are operations upon the […]

Google Analytics Upgrade

Google Analytics Internet Marketers depend upon Google Analytics to make SEO and PPC decisions. Google is now in the process of moving everyone away from Google Analytics to an updated tool called Universal Analytics. This tool includes many new features that make tracking site visitors even easier which will help you understand your Internet Marketing efforts […]

HOWTO: Route AP12 Controls in MVC

.net MVC Our .net MVC development team started working with the new Web API 2 controllers released with Visual Studio 2013, and quickly hit some important issues. Routing and AttributeRouting and using Web API 2 controllers inside an Area in an ASP.NET MVC5 project Currently, this IS possible. It was not possible with Web API […]

HOWTO: Use OneLogin API in PHP

OneLogin is a great service that allows companies to use Single Sign On to allow their employees or customers to access a multitude of other applications using a single username and password. We are currently using it to do just that for a client – allow their customers to sign into their WordPress platform and […]

HOWTO: Backup/Restore MongoDB w/ PHP

Dumping a MongoDB database is done using the “mongodump” utility in the command prompt. This dump creates a binary export of the database. This export can be restored using the “mongorestore” utility. A basic dump of a local MongoDB database can be code as follows: mongodump –db mymongodatabase To dump a specific collection, simply specify […]